You are finding on the page of beer souvenirs. I’ve been devoting this activity since my childhood (since 1966). I’m interested in old beer bottles with poured labels from the whole Czech Republic. My collection contains about 3.500 bottles. I’m also interested in all kinds of beer coasters (old and new ones from the whole world) - I have 112.018 of them, old pictures of the city Moravská Třebová and everything that concerns beer. For example pictures of breweries, old metal signs, breweries’ postcards.

I would like to exchange some items of my collection. I prefer exchanging of old beer bottles. I’m also interested in old paper or porcelain firm coasters and so on. I’m willing to exchange for example a punch bottle for a beer bottle, or a porcelain coaster for a paper one. In the case you are interested in any exchange, contact me.
You can also offer me anything what you have for selling.